The Ottomans were terrifying for about 60 years but then they basically became absolute shit the very second they encountered white men who were organised and had access to guns.

I think Suleiman thought the entirety of Europe was going to be as easy as the already decaying Byzantine Empire which…

"But historians of the future – largely because they will probably be Asian or some other non-white – will be able to see what actually happened. Just as we recognize the barbarian incursions into Rome as the death knell of the Empire, the Muslim influx into Europe will be seen as what it is – a hostile demographic invasion by an alien force. The collapsing birthrates, degenerate culture, and xenophilia of the post-West will be seen as what they are – the death throes of a society too sick to survive. And the wholesale replacement of the populations of once proud nations will be seen as what it is – not “enrichment,” but simply conquest."

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What the fuck, european-traditionalist. Do you have any formal education in anything at all? Like, literally a 5th grader’s world history class knows more about this shit than that post.

The barbarian incursions on Rome were not “demographic”. They were literal invasions of an army. You cannot compare Rome to modern Europe. Rome was an empire controlled by a military junta for most of its existence. It was held together by the sword. Europe, on the other hand, is a continent without significant military power held together by the common understanding that the prisoner’s dilemma is fucking terrible. 

Furthermore, Europe’s collapsing birthrate is not a sign of degeneracy, but a sign of wealth. Literally every nation that has achieved a high GDP has had its indigenous population stop growing, or extremely slow. It is called the Demographic Transition Model and it basically explains that the growth of a population is essentially just linked to medical technologies and the death rate vs. the birth rate (the ability to save lives vs. the cost of adding more lives). 

In other words, you literally don’t know shit. 

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Did you actually read the entire article? Western Civilization is in decline.  Whites have a below replacement level birth-rate and have suicidal policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism. We are destroying our own civilization and then patting ourselves on the backs for how progress and tolerant we are.

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"He who is dissatisfied with himself is continually ready for revenge and we others will be his victims, if only in having always to endure his ugly sight. For the sight of the ugly makes one bad and gloomy."
—Frederich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

"Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out."
Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983)

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QuestionLook, I don't understand why you can't just let people do what they want with their lives. As long as they aren't hurting you or insulting you, I don't think that you have any right to deny them respect or rights. Answer



Yeah man, individualism is the way to go! Let people overeat until they weigh 700 lbs and fuck themselves into an AIDS-induced coma, as long as it’s not hurting me, it doesn’t matter! It’s not like it reflects upon and affects the health of the society they’re living in, or anything. You should only care about yourself, and nothing more, Smoke weed every day.

I could swear I’ve seen this exact ask and answer before.

"The markets for city rides should be set free. It is unfair to taxicab companies for Uber to charge market prices while taxis must charge what regulators decree. But the sensible response to this unfairness is not to burden Uber the way taxis are burdened, but to unburden the taxis and leave all ride services free to compete."





Starship Troopers makes no sense to me. They all shoot from the hip and none of the weapons have any optics.

The movie is actually an in-universe propaganda film. Those aren’t supposed to be soldiers,…


A reminder for everyone.


The Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)-backed home genetic testing company 23andMe may be having a second life thanks to government interest in the genetic data collected by a product the FDA said was in violation of marketing regulations.

A two-year $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will let the company build a Web-based database and “research engine for genetic discovery” from the vast amount of information it has collected from more than 400,000 customers.  

In November, the FDA prohibited the company from marketing its $99 genetic testing device as a way to determine an individual’s predisposition to serious illnesses like cancer — a promise that put the company on the map. Now, 23andMe is capitalizing on its large database of genetic information amassed through the sales of that device, and it’s offering a new promise that the data can be used to further medical discoveries.

"23andMe is building a platform to connect researchers and consumers that will enable discoveries to happen faster," Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, said in a statement Tuesday. While genetic information from 23andMe customers cannot be shared with the general public, customers are asked to give consent to share their genome data with researchers who can access their database for medical research.

Google, genetic cataloging, and state grants. This article has everything to make an anarchist shudder.